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How to bypass Whatsapp Blue tick mark in 7 easy steps

In a recent update, Whatsapp has added a new feature that will inform anyone at any time if you have actually read their message. While previously only two tick marks appeared when someone received it, now you can see if someone has actually opened whatsapp and read it: the blue tick marks.

whatsapp blue tick mark

If you find this feature incredibly annoying, you are not alone. However, there are a few small tricks you can use if you really don’t want someone to know if they have read your message, while the popular Instant Messaging app has promised this is a feature you will in the near future be able to deactivate, mean while here is a workaround:

How to bypass Whatsapp Blue tick mark

  1. On your iPhone double click the home button and look for Whatsapp, then drag the window with your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen so it disappears (this prevents it from running in the background). On Android, hold your home button and force close the app
  2. Open up whatsapp again, but don’t go into any chat
  3. On iPhone: Open up Control Center by swiping from the bottom of your screen to the middle. If you are on Android: From the top of the screen swipe down with your finger and enable Airplane mode.
  4. Proceed to enable “airplane mode” (the icon is located on the left)
  5. Close the Control center and open the chat conversation you want to read
  6. Once you have, click on the top left “Chats” to go back to the WhatsApp Chats Overview
  7. Now you can turn back on Airplane mode

Method 2 on how to read a message without the user getting the blue ticks.

WhatsApp blue tick mark meaning

There is also a simpler way of a user not knowing if you have read their message. Whenever someone sends you a whatsapp, simply open up the notification center (on both Android and iOS) this can be done by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom. Head over to Notifications and you will be able to read all your latest Whatsapp’s.

For iOS users, you can even change the amount of notifications to display by heading to Settings > Notification center > Whatsapp > Show in Notifications