New WhatsApp VOIP icons and screenshots leaked

Several months back the first rumors regarding WhatsApp integrating a new VOIP feature emerged. VOIP stands for Voice over IP and will allow users to make free calls over Wifi and Cellular, it is yet unknown when this feature will roll out but the guys over at Droidapp got their hands on the very first screenshots of the new feature in Whatsapp, icons and even dial sound.

Whatsapp VOIP icons

Whatsapp voip icon

First we are going to take a look at the new icons. The icons which all feature a flat design were leaked to the Dutch Droidapp by “anonymous sources”. For those who don’t speak Dutch, here is a translation of what each icon does:

  • First icon: Missed Calls
  • Second icon: Start call
  • Third icon: End call
  • Fourth, fifth and sixth icon: Incoming and outgoing call
  • Seventh icon: Action new call

Leaked Screenshots and Dial tone of Whatsapp’s new VOIP feature

WhatsApp VOIP screenshot

It is clearly visible that the screenshot shared by the anonymous sources show an unfinished product (which could mean we won’t see the update any time soon and will probably roll out sometime next year). Right under the green bar that says “WhatsApp Call” the previously explained icons will appear allowing you to start a new conversation, hang up etc. You can listen to the new dial tone of Whatsapp here

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