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Buying Guide for the Rolex Submariner

If you are a person who thinks that the wristwatch is nothing more than a time watching instrument then you are wrong. Nowadays the wristwatch is considered much more than a time watching instrument. The technology is improving day by day and you can now get more features in your wristwatch that you may not imagine. There are a lot of brands who are providing you the best and unique features in your wristwatch. Rolex is one of them who are providing stylish and unique watches for different occasions.

These watches are available with a lot of best features. In this article, we are going to talk about the Rolex Submariner buying guide that will help you to get more about the Submariner. This information is very helpful for you to better prepare to purchase this Rolex Submariner.

History of Rolex Submariner:

The Submariner is considered one of the best products of decades which are known as one of the best innovation in technology advancement. The interesting history of the Submariner timepiece will feel you fall in love with it. This watch is evolved from the earlier effort to make a wrist watch which was truly water resistant. It was in the market and worked for so many years to add more reliable and best features in it. The first watch of the Submariner was introduced in Swiss Watch fair in the year 1954.

This is known as a reliable and one of the water resistance watch and it was the first ever watch that was specially designed for the deep sea diving, Submersible up to the 980 feet or the 300 meters as well. The earliest model of the Rolex Submariner waterproof watch model had the resistance of water that was going to 200 meters or the 660 feet pressure as well. This has an incredible water resistance pressure it means that the deep sea divers could wear the Submariner on all but especially for the very deepest dives.

The Famous Wearers of Rolex Submariner:

One of the main things that also become a cause of popularity for Rolex watches is that they are worn and still even wear by famous celebrities. The Rolex Submariner is certainly stood out in different categories and having been featured in the 11 James Bond movies. It was worn by the James bond including the Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Timothy Dalton as well. They are the most popular character of this movie. This is also a great popularity of this wristwatch. IF we will back to the real world this watch is also got the workout on the wrist of the Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl during the expedition of his Ra II 1970 and it stood for more than thousands dives during the expedition of his Moana Sea. Within this time period, this watch was proved its real power with the standing temperature of 45 degrees below the 0 Centigrade. The British Navy company chose it for their professional divers and also a French dicing company “COMEX” choosing the Rolex Submariner as its standard issue for the saturation divers.

Best Features of the Rolex Submariner:

This watch has been changing its looks over the decades and introduced unique features for all models. You should need to know the features of this watch especially when you are the lover of Rolex Submariner and going to buy it for you. Today’s this watch features the “Mercedes” or the “cathedral” hands with the rounded piece characteristic which is available at near point of the hand. In 1950 the early model has featured the “pencil” hands that were near to the plainer as well as much smaller. The name of the newer model was also “Submariner” on its dial and available with two options such as oversized and small piece and winding crown as well.

It has also a unidirectional bezel that allows its drivers to track the immersion time. The bezel rotates in the order of counterclockwise, so in this way, time was made shorter. It comes with three forms such as stainless steel, two tones as well as the gold. The steel watch was less expensive as compared to the two-tone and gold watches.