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The iPhone 12 Versus the Samsung Galaxy S20: Which is Better for Online Gambling?

In today’s world, online gambling is an increasingly popular form of entertainment. Enjoyed by millions across the globe, it’s an international industry with an estimated worth of $59 billion. Not only is this figure astonishing in itself, but, according to, it’s expected to almost double by 2023.

With so many people playing, gaming can be an important consideration when choosing a replacement phone. In the same way, you might assess which make or model will give you the best Netflix experience, or capture the most high-quality shots, you might also like to know which option will enhance online play.

For those on the hunt for a new device, the choice is likely to come down to two phones: the latest offerings from Apple and Samsung. Both are incredible in their own ways, so we’ve compared one against the other to help you make an informed decision.

Early access to titles

And the winner is… the iPhone 12

One of the major differences between gaming on a Samsung and gaming on an iPhone is that the latter get earlier access to titles. This isn’t down to any inherent bias on the part of developers, but simple mechanics.

Think of it this way: in terms of their range, Apple’s offerings tend to be more limited. This means that when games are in development, they only have to be catered toward two types of Apple devices, iPods and iPhones, and a handful of OS versions. With Samsung, however, this process is more complex, meaning players have to wait longer to access new products.

Long-term availability

And the winner is… the Samsung Galaxy S20

When you play online, there are several ways you might select a provider. Some will visit a directory site using this to track down the latest offers and promotions to make their money go further. Others might use online reviews to inform their decision or listen to a recommendation from a friend.

Regardless, you’re likely to find that some casinos and apps appeal to you more than others and that you keep going back to them when you fancy playing casino games. Unfortunately for Apple users, this isn’t always possible.

That’s because the company has a habit of introducing new rules at its discretion, and then wiping games from its store as a result. While this can happen to any type of app, there was one occasion when Apple removed hundreds of different casino offerings in a single night, as reported by the BBC.

This means that if you have an affinity for a particular casino, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the better choice.


And the winner is… the Samsung Galaxy S20


Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S20 comes out on top with regards to the sheer breadth of choice. While both smartphone companies provide a huge range of options, Android currently boasts around 75 percent of the mobile marketing share, according to This is due to retailing a greater number of devices.

As a result, some casinos are more concerned with optimizing their content for Android users specifically. This means you’ll not only find a wider range of apps available if you have a Samsung but that mobile content has likely been optimized with your device in mind.


And the winner is… the iPhone 12 (but only just)

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you might ask whether the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S20 is more likely to deliver quality gaming. While there’s very little in it, and both come with a host of features that facilitate an optimum casino experience, Apple is superior.

Part of what makes these models so great for gaming is that they provide players with 5G access, which speeds things up and avoids any issues with buffering or lag. However, Apple has the edge in the overall quality of its offering, from its size, which sits so neatly in the average gamer’s hand, to its usability.

However, this statement is arguably up for debate, and may very well come down to personal preference on the part of the player.

The next time you upgrade, which of these two top-quality smartphones are you likely to choose?