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Google Chromecast now available in the UK, Europe and Australia

Google‘s own video streaming device launched back in July and was only available in the US until now, Amazon is now shipping Chromecast to several countries in Europe (Spain, France, Germany and Finland) , to the UK, Hong Kong, India and to Australia. However, the Chromecast App however is as of now only available in the US and on Google’s official website they still say it is currently only available in the US.

Amazon will ship your Chromecast to the UK for £60 this is without shipping cost and to Australia for $36.42. You can purchase Google Chromecast from Amazon Here. Google Chromecast actually ranked First in our Top 3 Streaming devicesCheck out the official Chromecast “For Bigger fun” video

Update 1: You can also order Chromecast if you life in Finland, Spain, India, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and France