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Glasgow subway to accept Bitcoins as payment method

Glasgow has recently introduced a new ticket system to ride the subway which has replaced the old fashion tickets and people now use Smartcards to ride the subway.

A spokeswoman told EveningTimes that there are still many things to add to the card, but SPT which is the company responsible for public transport in Scotland and the ones behind the idea of the Smartcard are determined to revolutionize the way we pay for the subway and public transport and a recent success story from a Brooklyn Café has gotten the company interested in possibly adding Bitcoin as a possible payment method in the future. If so, Scotland will be the worlds first country to embrace the virtual currency.

For those who use Smartcards on a daily basis, in the article the spokeswoman also tells EveningTimes that soon an App will become available for different mobile platforms that allows you to top up the card online.