Android developers can now easily add Bitcoins as payment option

Bitcoin in-app purchase

Popular digital wallet Coinbase has made a SDK for Android which allows developers to easily add Bitcoins as payment method to (for example) accept in-app purchases with bitcoins. The new Android SDK brings several advantages to us (the user), among those are:

  1. Use Bitcoins to make in-app purchases
  2. Zero transaction fees
  3. Initiate debit payments in bitcoin, and support other payment flows which weren’t possible previously using bitcoin.

There are already many apps and services that allow bitcoin enthusiasts to make a purchase using the virtual currency, a great example is game developer Zynga which has started to accept bitcoins as payment in their webgames and is looking into adding them to their mobile apps in the future, with this SDK we could see a ton more of apps embracing bitcoins and alt coins as payment methods.

in-app bitcoin payment