Bitmap App shows you near businesses accepting Bitcoin as payment

All though criptocurrency is getting more and more popular it is still an issue to find places where to spend your bitcoins. With ATM’s starting to appear accepting Bitcoin as payment there are also many stores that do so and we expect the number of stores to grow significantly in 2014.

Bitmap App is an awesome app that will make finding stores just a little simpler, the app shows you near stores and businesses that accept Bitcoin as an official payment, the app is developed by Ricardo Santos and is available for on iOS (An android version of the App is currently under development.) When hovering over a store accepting Bitcoin you can get directions to it, some relevant information link phone number etc, and the name of the restaurant.or store. Here are some screenshots from the App:

Bitmap appBitmap app 

The app shows little B bubbles at stores that accept bitcoins and is a must-have for any Bitcoin enthusiast, if you know any local store that does accept Bitcoins you can personally add it to the Map and even make modification to existing nodes via Open Street Map. As of now the app shows over 2256 physical places that accept Bitcoin

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  1. With Apple’s view toward BTC and the issue with Wallets on ios why develop the app there 1st? Android is all ready to go and has all the wallet apps so those folks are the market for this app.

    1. There is an Android version in the making, when Bitmap launched there were wallet apps apps available on the App store but those have been since then removed. I believe that also part of the reason why the creator developed the app first for iOS is because he personally likes the platform more then Android and is familiar with development for the iOS platform, keep in mind that developing the app for more platforms (while you might have little knowledge about that particular platform) will take up a lot of time and can create additional costs. Bitmap is a 100% free app and has no source of revenue so everything will have to be funded from the creators own money. Like i said in the beginning: they are working on an Android version :-)

      1. Been traveling and busy.. thanks for the response. This is a very valuable service for the BTC community the developers need to get into the BTC venture capital network, I am sure they would be received very well. Here is looking forward to the Android version…

        1. We will update the post and notify it on the different social networks (make sure to follow us) once it is, we are too looking forward to an Android version :-)

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