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Are Games The Cure To All Your Problems?

A big concern engulfing mothers across the globe is the addiction towards gaming. Luckily, there are already online addiction treatment available. With the increase in gaming console types and features, every kid has a Play Station that comes with an attractive range of features. For the gamers, it’s a valuable investment, for they can play multiplayer games along with varying genres. The genres have further sub-genres that encapsulate the meaning of life and form a gaming community.

According to scientists, gaming tends to make the brain larger and sharper. A focused study conducted by Simone Kühn around the game Super Mario on 30 adults showed that cognition increased. They were made to play the game for 30 minutes for a period of eight weeks. They had an increase in their gray matter significantly.

Research and gaming

The gray matter helps in controlling a human body’s muscles, the way he speaks and his emotions. Kühn’s findings also showed that the people who took part in the focus group experiment showed promising brain growth. So when at work and you are having a long day, try giving games a fair chance. So you can check your Play Store and App Store to download free games. You can check out genres and look for memory games for the extra cognitive jolt. Although your parents might have hated it when you were a kid, games have an unusual method of teaching us. The varied rules, ability to function under a lot of pressure and team building learned from gaming can be implemented in reality. Also, practice makes a person perfect and likewise, the more you game the better you get at gaming and multitasking. Games also have the ability give you a strategic edge and increase your learning curve.

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Is gaming a continuous process?

With digital transformation wave giving us a better edge, mobiles and tablets have started developing games for the continuous process. It acts as a workout for the brain and makes your brain flexible and adaptable to new skills. Flexibility does not mean that you will end up lifting heavy weights, but your ability to grasp things faster. This means your cognitive abilities become flexible and you can pull off multiple tasks at one go. The hours you spend carving out strategies online can be utilized to further apply the same in your real world. You can learn from your mistakes in the gaming world and develop a knack towards reading if you have disliked the same earlier.

Gaming way ahead

Studies show that kids suffering from dyslexia have been able to overcome the same with video games. As you search across the digital platform, you will be ushered with a plethora of options to download free games. Irrespective of being free in nature, it helps you become a happy person and eliminate the negative thoughts. It also enhances your kid’s attention span. Genre-based games help tackle multiple psychological disorders including depression and ADHD. It also cures your Monday morning blues and momentary sadness and relapse.

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