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Galaxy S5 fingerprint already hacked just 3 days after launch

Just 3 days after the official launch a German security firm SRLabs has already manager to hack the fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The method implemented is similar to the one used to hack the iPhone 5S Touch ID, a picture of the fingerprint is processed it into a wood-glue mold which is then used to “trick” the sensor.

While on the iPhone 5S you are pretty limited to the amount of things you can do and unlock with your fingerprint (at least, there isn’t anything that can’t be refunded) on the Galaxy S5 it is a whole different story as users can make payments with Paypal and in-app purchases.

paypal galaxy s5

The guys over at SRLabs have published a video showing how the Galaxy s5 is tricked. We suggest you watch the video till the end as they also demonstrate how they accomplished to make a paypal payment using the wood-glue mold.