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How to request a refund for a purchased item on iTunes

iTunes and Apple’s App Store have over 1.3 million Apps, over 6 million songs, millions of movies and books of which some of them are paid and others are free. The average iOS user install an average of 80 apps per device, it is no surprise that you sometimes make a mistake and purchase an App or a song you later regret, the app might do one thing but ended up doing something else or the app just happens to not work.

Many of you might not know that Apple actually has a system which allows you to request a refund for a purchased app, book, movie, tv program or song bought in the last 90 days. Here is a little guide on how to do so

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in to your iTunes account
  3. Select the App, song, movie, book or TV program you want to refund
  4. Click on “Report a problem”
  5. Then choose  “I inadvertently purchased this application.”

Once you have done this, Apple will reply to you in 24-48 hours, if the reason for why you want a refund is good, they will immediately refund your purchase.