First pictures leaked of the upcoming OnePlus One Kevlar Edition

The OnePlus One is now available without needing an invite (for a short period of time) and over the last few days many have ordered the One, for those that still can’t decide if they are going to wait for the Nexus 6 to be released or the to purchase a OnePlus One you might want to wait just a little longer.

Leaked pictures from Chinese social network Weibo spotted first by G4Games shows what could be a new OnePlus One Kevlar Edition featuring a yellow kevlar back. Previously, Administrators posted on the OnePlus forum that they were “also still looking into the possibility of releasing limited edition Ones which come with a Kevlar or Denim cover out of the box” as it has canceled the production of some of its previously announced StyleSwap covers, it seems like this has now become a reality.

Little information about the device is know. As of now no current release date has been revealed. We will update this post if more information about the new OnePlus One Kevlar edition as more becomes available.

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