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Big changes coming to Windows 8 in version 8.2

More news has emerged about the upcoming update for Microsoft’s latest operation system Windows 8. The new version 8.2 will feature some mayor changes, after much complaint from users Microsoft decided to bring back the start menu icon in version 8.1 but in 8.2 they are going even further, making Windows 8 just a little more “Windows 7” like. Sources have confirmed to Winsupersite  the following big changes:

  • Windows will let users optionally run Metro apps in floating windows on the desktop. There are already third party tools that allow you to do so but Microsoft is planning on adding this as a feature in Windows 8.2
  • The start menu will now become optional, allowing users to either use it or not.
  • Microsoft will also add a option to the start menu that will allow users to “boot to the desktop” avoiding the Metro style menu and straight away get to the desktop UI we are all so familiar with. This feature already exists but it will be easier to turn on and more visible to the user instead of hidden.

These are as of now the only 3 main features of which we can be almost sure we will see in the upcoming update. As of now we don’t know when Windows 8.2 will become available but multiple rumors claim it will be around January 2014.

It seems that with every update Microsoft is removing more features that pretty much defined Windows 8, as of now Windows 8 owns over 8% of the market while Windows 7 is still dominating with over 46%