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OnePlus One users report Yellow display and dead pixel issues

When OnePlus One launched its €269 smartphone users were surprised by its amazing specs and build quality but according to recent reports from many users, the build quality might not be as good as we thought it originally was, the issue seems to be with the 5.5 inch JDI Gorilla Glass 3 LCD display.

Users are reporting a “yellowish tinge” at the bottom of the display, where the color fades from white to a more darker yellow color (as seen in the image bellow, source)

OnePlus One Yellow display

OnePlus is a relatively new startup, the yellow display issue and dead pixel problem is sparking outrage, not because of the issue it self but how the company is handling the few customers it has. After much issues and fighting on the OnePlus forum, the company has agreed to give a replacement but there is a catch, customers will have to pay for shipping… to China! (which costs upwards $56) that is one very expensive hardware defect!

You also have to keep in mind that the OnePlus One came defect from the factory since it is only a couple of motnhs old and many users that are having this issue have only had the device for a couple of weeks.

What is causing the Yellow Display?

OnePlus One yellow display comparison

As of now there seems no reason that fits all the issues users are facing, but we do know for sure that it isn’t because of the device over heating, something we have seen before with manufacturers. This simply seems to be an issue with the backlight of the display. OnePlus did give an official statement to Phandroid

OnePlus official statement