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First image of new Galaxy S5 “Drive mode” interface leaked

At MWC 2014 Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5 and with it, it also covered many of the new software improvements that the device would have over the older Galaxy S4. One of these improvements have been done to Samsung’s own Touchwiz of which several images have already leaked, however no images of the new “Drive Mode” which allow you to easily control the smartphone by using the simplified interface to easily access the apps you are looking for or using voice commands, without even picking the device up. Dutch website Kopengalaxys5 has just leaked the very first image showing off the flat Drive Mode interface.

Samsung Galaxy S5 drive mode

The interface that the Drivemode provides is also a much simpler one to have you distracted from driving as less time as possible. You can also activate voice control by saying “Hi Galaxy”. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will become available world wide sometime during April this year.