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The Best Smart Home Gadgets and Applications 2015


They say that East or West home is the best. This means that home should be a place of comfort and relaxation. It should be a place that one looks forward to spending time in. Natural conditions around the home such as extreme humidity, high temperatures and general insecurity might hinder one’s enjoyment of this private space. It is a relief to know that there are several smart gadgets that one can install around the home to make it that enjoyable haven that it is supposed to be. The current consumer has a range of smart devices to choose from. They from the simple and obvious like home theatre systems, home streaming gadgets, gaming consoles to the complex systems such as burglar and nanny camera systems, thermostats, air conditioners, heating boost and multi-zoning gadgets and linear motion systems that help in home automation. The good thing about most of these gadgets is that they can be connected to smartphones. This means that these home devices can be accessed and controlled remotely using the owner’s phone. The range, however, may vary from device to device. When choosing a smart gadget for use, it is important to not only look at cost but look also at the gadget’s projected longevity and performance.



Linear motion systems are behind almost every successful application across the tech world. It is important that the linear motion system in the gadget one is buying be high performing as well. This is because most gadgets cannot function without the aforementioned systems as they are an integral part. These systems range from actuators to feed modules to ball screw and drive systems among others. Most gadgets around the home employ these linear systems in their different forms. These gadgets include lawn mowers, laundry machines, thermostats and some home sensors. An example of a linear motion system after being installed into a thermostat is shown in the above diagram. According to, it is important to understand that most of the seemingly simple smart gadgets one has at home are fitted with these linear motion systems. Most of these gadgets that we all use to automate our homes would not exist otherwise.



A thermostat is no longer a luxury but a necessity today. There is a range of them in the market but with the same underlying principle; to cool or heat up a home. Most have gone a notch higher and upped their aesthetics. Some are so beautifully designed while others have even partnered with paint companies to ensure your home is not only comfortable but that it looks inviting too. In the spirit of staying hip and cool, most speakers now have a Bluetooth enabled option. There is no need for the endless wires crisscrossing the living room. The good thing about these two devices is that they can be controlled from a smartphone. There is nothing cooler than feeling secure. This brings us to the home security systems. One can install cameras that are accessible through one’s smartphone. This normally functions regardless of distance from one’s home as they use cloud technology for temporary storage of data. One can also use fingerprint smart locks. These can be installed on doors or safes. The good thing about this is they cannot be picked. They can also be connected to one’s smart device so that any tampering of the lock, accidental or otherwise is reported to the user in real time. Clearly, technology is here to stay. It is only logical that we take advantage of this and use it to better our lives.