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Emerging Video Conferencing Companies

Video conferencing offers flexible options for companies to communicate with employees, partners, investors, vendors, and even customers across the globe.  It eliminates the need for travel, high pressure job interviews, and the expense of dinner or drinks that were a requirement for most business transactions of the past.  More importantly, video conferencing opens the room for discussion in ways it never has before by allowing participants to share and comment on content without disrupting the flow of the meeting.  It’s a solution hailed by big name corporations such as Facebook and Netflix for being revolutionary.


A Solution for Every Device, Person and Room

The top video conferencing providers in the world offer communication solutions for every type of device, person, and room.  Blue Jeans, for example, caters to customers in a number of industries.

In addition to client services, the video conferencing company is used by:

  • Educators
  • Entertainers
  • Financial Service Providers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • HR Departments
  • IT Departments
  • Lawyers
  • Manufacturers
  • Marketers
  • Non-Profits
  • Sales-Related Industries


The companies that make up Blue Jeans’ customer list include MetLife, BuzzFeed, Foursquare, GrubHub, Crocs and Rosetta Stone.  With a long list of solutions to meet industry needs, cloud-based video conferencing is an option that makes sense to businesses.  This is especially true for companies doing business globally as it isn’t easy or practical to arrange intercontinental travel at a moment’s notice.


The Benefits of Using Video Conferencing Company Services

Businesses of all sizes note the convenience video conferencing offers them in scheduling and hosting meetings.  No longer the monumental event they used to be, getting together for a quick chat face-to-face requires no long commute, no overnight stay, and no expense as participants have everything they need at their fingertips.  Employers screen job candidates with ease eliminating the need for phone interviews.  They can see who they’re speaking to and pick up on non-verbal communication such as facial expressions and body language.


The benefits of using video conferencing company services include:

  • Customer service.  Rather than rely on the IT department to check equipment and cables to get things running again, companies contact the video conferencing service provider directly for instructions on how to troubleshoot problems.
  • There is no need for special hardware or software.  In fact, attendees receive invitations via email that they click on to enter the meeting room via their chosen device (mobile or computer).
  • No travel required.  All a person has to do to attend a conference is sign onto their phone, tablet or computer.
  • No added expense for the company or meeting attendants.  Instead of making arrangements in advance, traveling anywhere in the world and paying for accommodations, meeting attendees stay where they are, attend the meeting and get back to business as usual without missing a beat.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why businesses prefer video conferencing to face-to-face meetings.  In addition to saving time, it’s no real added expense to host a meeting with dozens of people.  This helps businesses stay on top of their budget and increase productivity by eliminating timewasters such as driving time.  Blue Jeans video conferencing offers scalable solutions for businesses big and small.


Information Age notes the importance of window scaling.  They state that “Participants should be able to control window scaling so that they are not either overwhelmed or trying to make sense of an image the size of a postage stamp.  By supplying meeting participants with rich content, you are keeping their attention engaged and their mind present in the discussion.”  The smallest details make the biggest impact on employees, partners, customers, and vendors as how well they respond to video conferencing.


Small Businesses and Not-for-Profits Use Video Conferencing to Provide Secure Services

Video conferencing is not just for big corporations, however.  According to the Digital Journal, small businesses and not-for-profits also find it advantageous.  The San Mar Children’s Home in Boonsboro, Maryland praises video conferencing because it allows children to receive counseling from a psychiatrist or therapist through a secure connection.


In India, video conferencing in 62 prisons provides support and rehabilitations services from therapists, administrators, judges and lawyers throughout Karnataka, the country or the world.  The possibilities these platforms offer to customers are endless.  From connecting hospice patients to providing support to troubled youth, video conferencing continues to change the way we communicate with others quickly, affordably, and successfully.


Services such as Michael Fratkin’s ResolutionCare change the way the terminally ill receive care.  In addition to in-person visits, through the use of video conferencing technologies, doctors and nurses check in on patients.  The pilot program is “expected to provide in-home palliative care for 55 members of the company, which serves 14 Northern California counties, including Humboldt,” as reported by the North Coast Journal.  Hospices around the nation adopt similar services by giving patients the opportunity to visit and share time with family and friends virtually.


In Conclusion

The top names in video conferencing have a lot to offer companies like yours.  By weighing the pros and cons of each service, you’re able to determine which works best for your communication needs.  As with any other type of product, it pays to research video conferencing service providers to see which offers the best bang for your business buck.  After learning after the top video conferencing companies in the world, it’s easy to determine the right service for you.