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Download all Official HTC One M9 wallpapers

HTC is almost ready to launch its new flagship device. The HTC One M9 will feature a new 2880 x 2560 display (according to the resolutions of the leaked wallpapers) a resolution so high that it requires a new set of wallpapers since most of HTC’s wallpapers aren’t optimized for such a high resolution.

Bellow is a full list of all HTC One M9 wallpapers leaked by TKTechnews. The HTC One M9 is expected to start shipping around April 9th 2015.

 All Official HTC One M9 wallpapers

HTC One M9 wallpaper 01

HTC One M9 wallpaper 02

HTC One M9 wallpaper 03

HTC One M9 wallpaper 04

HTC One M9 Wallpaper 05