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7 Modern Tech for a More Secure Home

As burglars, robbers and criminals become smarter and tech savvy, there is a need to find out better ways and means by which we can secure our home and make it a safer place both for human lives and also properties. In this article we will have a look at a few modern and technologically advanced devices which could play a big role in ensuring that your home is much safer than what it is now. These are time tested and proven devices and they are customizable keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of customers. Hence it is likely that they will be able to offer complete and total security cover and blanket to the entire home. Let us have a look at a few of them over the next few lines.

1. Alfred Security System

There’s a handful of home security apps on the market. If you’re keen on getting a new security system but are not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on it, then perhaps it makes sense for you to go in for Alfred Security System. All that you need is an old and unused Android phone. You have to just download an app called Alfred. Once done it turns your Android phone into a security camera. It also has the best of sound systems available in it. it can be viewed from other phones outside your home or computer 24/7. Whenever there is a push or notification happening in the place where the Alfred security converted Android phone is located, you will come to know of it.


2. August Smart Lock

If you wish to have a wonderful and foolproof lock without disturbing the overall looks and appearances of your main door, then it would be great to go in for August Smart Lock. It can well and truly go a long way in making your home a safe place because of some unique features which it comes with. It can replace the interior deadbolt knob into an impregnable device with the help of Bluetooth technology. It is battery driven and can be connected to the internet. Hence irrespective of the place you are in, you will be able to trace the person who comes and moves out of your home.

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3. Smart Home Alarm – Yale

Yale is a name which needs no introduction in the field of home alarm and home security systems. The smart home alarm from this company is well and truly smart and intelligent. It is feature rich including the best of motion sensors. Additionally it also comes with a smoke alarm, along with a key fob which can be accessed almost instantaneously. It can be turned off and on using your smart phone. To cite an example if you find some suspicious movement in the garden you can turn the kitchen light on in the first floor alerting the thief or the burglar who is planning an attack in the house.

4. Netgear Arlo Smart Home

Arlo is another well-known company which has been around for many years and has set new standards as far as home security devices are concerned. It is a highly efficient wireless security system and can be managed quite easily with the help of home station which is technologically enabled. It has the capability of recording video and sends feeds to the persons concerned almost on a continuous basis irrespective of the location where he or she is located. Hence it is without any doubt a great security system offering great value for money.

5. Nest Protect

There are quite a few security devices which look innocuous but are extremely effective and brilliant. Next Protect is one such product and it is worth having a closer look at it. It is one of the best smoke and CO2 detectors available in the market today. It can be connected to your smart phone or computer located a few miles away with the help of a router. In case of CO2 emissions or smoke emanating from burnt foot or other such minor things, there is a wave of white flag which turns the alarm off automatically. It also has a camera which helps you to physically have a look at things whenever there is a fire alarm.

6. ISmart Alarm


Though it might not be the best in terms of looks and ergonomics, it certainly is a great security system to have. It is expensive but often is considered to be a complete security solution, including smart switches, contact sensors, motion sensors and much more.

7. Piper

This security camera can sit on your mantelpiece and keeps a total watch on the entire home. It offers a 180 degree coverage and has capability of detecting motion. If something suspicious takes place the video footage is sent straight to your home.

These are just a few and if one looks up the internet they can come across dozens of many such devices.

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