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Cyanogen is working on its own Cyanogen Recovery ditches CWM Recovery

The company behind the popular custom Android ROM called CyanogenMod could be working on their own Recovery according to new leaked icon images on GitHub. Cyanogenmod has used the ClockWorkMod Recovery for some time now but it seems like it will ditch it in the future for its own recovery.

Cyanogen Recovery

A Recovery is a “Limited boot mode” that allows you to backup, restore, install packages, wipe data, and do limited troubleshooting of Android a specific recovery can have more features but that depends on the recovery installed. Currently the Cyanogenmod Installer uses Simple Recovery which is very limited in the amount of tasks it can do, we could see Cyanogen replace this for the new Cyanogen Recovery which will be able to perform more complicated tasks.

As of now, not much information about the new recovery is known but it seems unlikely that CM will drop support for other recoveries like CWM or TWRP