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The Blog – A Great Tool to Make Money on The Internet

Today, a blog is far more than “only” an online diary for travelers and foodies, for example. For many online companies, the chronological website also offers an efficient tool to increase the number of visitors to the site, to gain a good spot in Google rankings, and, last but not least, to earn money on the internet. How does this work? Which tricks will turn your blog into a money machine? Find out in this article, and discover a great example of how a blog can even enhance a corporate website.

The blog – A short history of its origins …

At the very beginning, a blog was nothing more than a personal web page, where you could let your thoughts run freely. In fact, it is similar to a virtual diary which the blogger makes available to other bloggers throughout the Internet community. In 1999, special websites, such as “”, were the most popular platforms to do just that. Google was not (yet) interested in blogs at this time … only static web pages were taken into consideration by the Godfather of all search engines. Today, things look quite different. No proficient Internet-based company can do without this powerful marketing tool. And that is no coincidence.

The blog as a marketing tool and a ranking booster


Many companies use their corporate blog in various ways. Firstly, an up-to-date and well-managed blog always acts as a traffic accelerator for a website. A great example – among many others – is the gentleman blog of a renowned agency for VIP escorts. As a company that offers its quite sensual services exclusively via the Internet, an excellent Google ranking is truly essential. The magazine/blog contains only topics that particularly address their target group: Fast cars, luxury vacations, fine cigars, select drinks, and – surprise! – beautiful women. Thus, the blog can be easily found, and thanks to links and banners to the company’s website, it automatically increases the traffic. Very important for blog texts: The contents must always focus on an added value for the reader. Of course, also keywords and general SEO optimization play an important role. However, if you push too hard on SEO tools, you may experience a negative effect on your rankings.

Income opportunities using your blog

In order to turn your own blog into a continuous source of money, first of all, you need to provide good content. With time, the number of visitors will increase, which makes affiliate marketing an effective way to earn a few euros. For example, relevant product links in the article will lead to Amazon, and in case of a sale, the blogger earns a small commission. For established travel blogs, various companies – such as ticket bar – are willing to offer their services via the blog and pay a percentage commission. Another means of earning money on the internet with your blog is writing and selling your own e-books. Furthermore, you may make several hundred euros for publishing guest articles, depending on the popularity and ranking of your blog.

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