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When Can You Claim for Personal Injury?

Sometimes it seems like hardly a day goes by without a story in the news about a personal injury payout breaking records or some scam to get false personal injury payouts.  This can often lead to confusion about what you can and cannot claim for with personal injury.

Accidents and personal injury

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That way you can find out what you are entitled to claim and start the process if you want to go forward with them. Dealing with claims can be stressful, but BetterHelp has suggestions for managing stress during life challenges.

Accidents at work are a common example.  If your employer neglects their duty to protect you and puts you at risk, then you may be entitled to make a claim for injury from them if you have had to take time off work or pay for medical treatments or physiotherapy.  But if you were provided with safe conditions and didn’t make the most of them, then this isn’t a situation you can claim for in most cases.

It’s a good idea to download an app called Ergonomics for your phone. This will help you keep track of any long-term issues at work that could negatively affect your health. There’s also another really good app called Sound Meter Pro that can measure sound levels if you work in a particularly noisy environment.

Road traffic accident

Road traffic accidents in cars and vans make up the bulk of personal injury claims and are the type of claims that people are most aware of – stories both positive and negative about these claims are everywhere.  These accidents can also involve pedestrians, passengers in cars and even cyclists as well as people on public transport.

There are both physical and mental consequences of an accident that people may be entitled to make a claim for.  However, if you are the one found to be responsible for the accident, you can’t then make a claim – because you would be effectively claiming against yourself.  The idea of compensation for road accident cases it to help with costs incurred such as for medical treatment or time taken off work.

To help prevent this, it’s a good idea to use a navigation app like Waze, which helps inform you of conditions like accidents and hazards long before you get to them. It’s also not a bad idea to have an old phone mounted on your dashboard running a black box app like AutoGuard. This way if anything happens and you need proof of what actually happened, you have it.


Other types of accidents

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There are other types of accidents that can lead to a claim, but you should always work with a professional to make sure you are entitled to claim.  These can include things such as sports injuries where reckless or dangerous behavior is shown by an opponent as well as slips and trips if there is proof of incompetency from someone like the local authority.

Slater Gordon offers a freephone helpline number to find out if you are entitled to make a claim for a situation.  That way you can find out what you are entitled to claim and start the process if you want to go forward with them.