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Three Best Robot Games

Strike Suit Zero 

Some mesh games appeal to ta-like combat, but the Strike Suite Zero has the thrill of piloting an agile death machine loaded with more missile launchers than the entire US Navy fleet. This is a Japanese run by its best place. You started piloting a fairly standard space fighter, but would soon come to an experimental piece of military hardware called a strike suit. This suit has the ability to switch between fighter mode, where you can fly about space freelance style, and giant killer robot mode where you turn into a macro-style mecha that fights enemy fighters at the touch of a button. Advertisement: The first time you align your over 30 incoming enemy fighters and release this wave of missiles, you will get cold. It is a match power fantasy unlike anything else. Feeling like a robotic deity, with power, agility, and sliding from one end to the other, raining death and destruction as you go.

Iron Brigade

The spin-off of a tower-defense game of Double Fine on the Matches is hardly unique thanks to its largely aesthetic phrasing of the Camp BBW Web and WW1 Air. Don’t be mistaken to think Iron Brigade is another tower defense game where you put solid defense lines that turn waves of stupid enemies into assassins. Yes, at every level you have to fight the waves of aliens, and yes there are towers, but your main defense is your shaky match, which lets you hurry strangers to your defense. And it’s just a ton of fun. There is a good deal of variety to play along with. Your match can be equipped with a number of different weapons that bring a certain kind of destruction to each battlefield, and are always upgraded to work between each mission. There is a balance that you will want to maintain, however, more powerful matches mean weaker stationary tower defense. New types of enemies have been introduced with ease, giving the Iron Brigade a steady pace that is difficult to overcome.

Three Best Robot Games - 1

Supreme Commander 2

When it comes to sheer scale, nothing compares to Supreme Commander 2. This real-time strategy game match is in line with Kammander’s intimate quarrel, rather than facing chaos as legions of robot units blast each other on the sea, the sky, and each other. Battles often include hundreds – if not thousands – of units that you can customize in real-time to suit your enemy’s strategy. And if it wasn’t cool enough, you could even make experimental units – colossus-sized maxs that let everything else on the battlefield sow. Advertisement: With the management of hundreds of units, Supreme Commander 2 can be a threat to those who are already struggling to keep up with RTS games. Fortunately, a better UI and the ability to quickly zoom out is able to see the entire battlefield to help keep things in order even if the production chains manage multiple fronts. Fighting on There is a lot of depth here, as each group has its own strategy, such as the ability of the Siberian Navy to rise and land. Although the campaign serves as a good introduction to all these layers of strategy, fighting against the Supreme Commander 2 Multiplayer or AI really shines. If you find yourself playing against a friend, very few games will counter the crazy scale of Supreme Commander Battles. For more information about the robot and related just visit:

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