Microsoft pays workers to stay after the departure of Steve Ballmer

Microsoft has been having a rough time lately, with the falling PC market, the disappointing sales of the Windows Surface RT and Steve Ballmer leaving Microsoft, but apparently it is not the only issue it is having, it is desperate to keep its top employees from leaving the company. A document released by Microsoft Assistant Secretary John A. Seethoff reveals that it is paying its top employees stock to keep them in the company, so called “Stock Award” . This shows that there are serious problems at Microsoft, where even the top people are doubting the company will survive or do well for much longer, in the document they state that the reasons are the following:

1. Ensuring continuity of key leaders during the transition to a new chief executive officer

2. Preserving our competitive position by enhancing retention of key executives with critical skills of strategic importance

3. Recognizing sustained exceptional performance providing significant value to the Company over a period of years

4. Ensuring that our key executives have sufficient unvested equity to provide alignment with shareholders

It is yet unclear who exactly Microsoft is paying and how much stock they are giving to the employees.

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  1. …. all employees get paid “Stock Award” (as you awkwardly phrase it). It’s just a stock option and gets updated every so often. I’m a relatively new employee, and I get “stock award”/

    1. When you are a new employee, you get stock. Currently top employees at Microsoft are getting a stock for not leaving the company, Microsoft them selfs called it a “Stock Award” (see the form-8k document)

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