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Benefits of Having a Mobile Apps for Your Travel or Tourism Business

The travel business is a mobile line of business. Its representatives need to be in touch with clients, coordinate any situations, be able to respond to any questions and comments. They must be ready to offer “last minute” vouchers and tours – the list of actions can be almost endless. Travel software development for the tourism sector will become an important assistant to a travel agency.

Despite the development of information systems, these technologies are not a significant tool in the modern tourism business. But information technologies are already an integral part of some large tourism projects. Information systems play a special role in the development of touristic projects. The quality of services for tourists must be high. It is mobile technology that will have the greatest impact on the way people search and book travel in the future. A cell phone with a modern operating system and a package of useful programs for travelers will help you save time and money. It helps to find attractions and become an indispensable assistant while traveling.

Application types

  • Travel apps can be travel guides, maps, or point of interest guides.
  • Apps for travel agencies include tour listings, promotions, filtering options and push notifications.
  • Applications for hotels allow you to notify users about promotions, as well as book and pay for rooms.

Why does your business need an app?

Benefits of Having a Mobile Apps for Your Travel or Tourism Business - 1

The relevance of applications for tourism is explained by the fact that when traveling, it is a smartphone that is always at hand, and not a bulky laptop. Of course, the user can visit the mobile version of the site, but it is the application that has such solutions as the ability to notify about various promotions, offline access and integration with e-commerce systems for tourism. Thus, the choice in favor of an application is obvious.

Travel application development can help not only travelers, but also managers. They give them the opportunity to expand the range of services for customers. Thus, many companies offer notifications about changes in trip. Mobile technology is starting to play a very important role in sales. Today, a traveler can pay for air transportation from his mobile phone. Then he receives the necessary barcode for registration and boarding.

Experts identify the following main drivers of the application development market:

Growth in mobile consumption

In general, the consumption of mobile services by the population is growing. The sales of smartphones are growing, the consumed mobile traffic is growing, and the sales of tablets are growing. This growth is fundamental to the growth of the mobile development market.

The rise of advertising

The mobile advertising market is directly related to the mobile development market. These markets are growing at a comparable pace, being adjacent. The growth of mobile advertising budgets is consistent and logical. It depends on the growth in the number of mobile applications and their competition for the user.

Stimulation of this market by platform owners

The goal of platform owners is to maximize the number of applications for their platform and to obtain a more competitive service for the user. Large budgets are spent on this, but in the long run it will bear fruit.

Fairly high development budgets

The mobile development market is trending among other development markets. Budgets for mobile app development remain high. Among the few barriers to the growth of the mobile applications market, experts will single out only two points. First is the lack of awareness of users and the complexity of payment. Smartphone owners, especially their age audience, do not use most of the useful functions of the phone. But they use it like a regular cell phone for calls and SMS.

The complexity of payment for many users in emerging markets remains the main obstacle to the growth of the market. People do not yet fully trust mobile systems and do not want to leave the data of their payment instruments in the system.

Mobile applications are an innovative means of stimulating domestic tourism

They help to promote investment projects. The main advantage of mobile applications is communication between the brand and the user.

Economic benefit and usability

Depending on the specifics of the company and current business priorities, mobile applications can become an effective marketing tool for attracting new customers. It can be a convenient service for working with an existing customer base. Interactive guides have the ability to geolocate and build routes.

They can integrate with social networks and virtual galleries. They use the application without a permanent connection to the network. You can integrate marketing tools into applications – promotions, polls. Special counters will allow for a detailed analysis of user interaction with content. You can also enter information about all types of infrastructure for people with disabilities. You can find out more here