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Apple has started integrating iBeacon in its US retail stores

Apple has told ABC that Friday 6 of December it will start rolling out its iBeacon technology in its 254 US retail stores. iBeacon is Apple’s answer to NFC it will recognize your iPhone when you walk into the store and will alert Apps you may have on your smartphone that support iBeacon which then can notify you about interesting products, discounts offered, where you can find a product and even to call a Apple Genius to help you out with something in the store.

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ABC informs us that in the New York 5th avenue Apple Store they have installed over 20 iBeacons which can give you notification and relevant information using the Apple Store app which has been updated server-side to support iBeacon.

Currently the iBeacon technology is only available in Apple Stores located in the US and as of now we don’t know when this will be available in other countries.

This is just the start of iBeacon and we expect it to see in many more locations over the next few years, here is a video by CNET demonstrating the technology in Citi Field in New York