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Android L: List of apps that use Material Design

One of the main new things of Android L is the new design and with this, during Google I/O we got introduced to Material Design which is the new visual look for Android, Chrome, and more. This new interface is made up of bright colors and playful transitions, the goal of Material Design is to create a more consistent interface hierarchy.

As developers start redesigning their apps there are already several apps that have adapted to this new style, here is a full list of Android L apps that use Material Design:

  • Today Calendar: A great calendar app and widget has already adapted material design giving it a clean and easy-to-oversee look.
  • Chrome: The Chrome Web browser beta has a completely new look and shows how serious Google is about making the design between all of its apps consistent.
  • Google Plus: Google’s social network was one of the first apps to get a material design.
  • Root check: A simple app that tells you if your device has been rooted. The new design gives a clear overview of all the information and with beautiful transitions allows you to easily navigate through the app
  • Flip: Especially handy when traveling abroad, Flip is a currency converting app that has completely been designed around Material Design
  • Local Cast: stream PDFs, images, videos, and music locally from device to device. Local Cast’s new design makes it even easier to share files and a more pleasant experience for users to use.
  • Now Browser: While Chrome just got its make-over, Now Browser had already got a new Material Design making it the first browser on Android to get one.

All though the list is quite small, we expect many more apps to get redesigned once Android L officially launches with popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp making use of Material Design.