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We are sure you have heard of Apple’s new smartphone, the iPhone 5S. With awesome new features like the Double LED flash, A7 processor and the Touch ID sensor it has become a must have item among technology lovers, over 49% of all existing iPhone users will immediately upgrade to the new iPhone 5S. See other interesting posts found on AmongTech here:

We at AmongTech are giving away 1 iPhone 5S to one of our readers, in any of the 3 available colors  Space Gray, Gold or Silver of his/her choice.  Here are the Content rules & guidelines:

  • The contest is for US citizens only
  • Only 1 entry is allowed
  • In order to participate in the giveaway fill in the entries bellow
  • The winner will be chosen randomly on the 27/09/2013
  • People who also do the Optional entries will have more chance of winning

The iPhone 5S will be directly purchased from Apple’s official website and will be shipped to the contestant winner. We will announce the winner through the different social networks and on this post.

UPDATE: The winner has been emailedmake sure to check your inbox! (if we don’t hear a reply in 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen)

UPDATE 2: The first winner hasn’t mailed back, we have chosen a new winner and are waiting for a reply. Check your email inbox!

About the Author

Hello, my name is Niels Bosch
and i am the founder of AmongTech. Currently living in the South of Spain. My main interests are web development, playing video games once in a while, Apple, Marketing and SEO. I am currently studying Business administration, Networking & Security and Database management and will be doing so for the next year.


  1. I think I deserve to win because about 4 months ago I bought a used iPhone 4s because I didnt qualify for an upgrade and my iphone 4 had died. I was so excited to have a 4s. After 12 hours, my phone deactivated. I called AT&T and they told me I had a stolen iPhone. The phone had been stolen 2 weeks before I bought it. I called the police and they said that they couldnt help me, but will be coming to my house to take my phone away since it was stolen property. So not only was I out $250, but I was also out a phone. I currently do not own a phone and I really really need one. Since my daughter was born 2 months ago, we have racked up over $10,000 in medical bills and I cant afford to buy a new phone.

    Not meaning to make this sound like a sob story, I just really really need this right now.

    Thanks guys for the opportunity to win this! Fingers crossed.

  2. I’ve been struggling with an old Motorola (non-smart) phone for a while now (the camera doesn’t even work). I need a decent replacement and the new iPhone seems like a reasonable upgrade :-)

    My favorite color option is space gray.

  3. I would give this to my boyfriend. He’s got an iPhone 3s and needs a new one. We can’t afford a new one because we have no extra money thanks to school loans. Thanks for the giveaway

  4. I want to win the iPhone 5S because I’ve never owned an Apple product and I’m terribly curious if they are really as good as everyone says. Also, I can’t afford an iPhone. My favorite color is Space Gray.

  5. Thank you for hosting! I think I should win because I’m still rockin’ the iPhone 4 hahah, but I love these colors… Specifically Space Gray… It’s different than the typical black iPhone’s.

  6. My current phone is a dinosaur, and I don’t see any spare money in my future to upgrade! Thank you for the opportunity!! I love the gold/champagne color!

  7. I have always wanted one but it’s been just a dream for me! It would help me greatly to keep doctor’s appointments, medical information, etc. organized for my special needs daughter.

  8. I definitely should win this because I have been trying to win anything apple for the last 5 years and to this day, still cannot win anything! maybe this is my shot? I chose gold because it is pretty (and im a silver girl, lol!)

  9. Man I really want to win. I have a disability called 22Q and it’s really hard to live with. One of my favorite sports is football but I can’t play because I have it. So yea that’s one thing I really want. If u don’t believe me fine but I’m telling the truth.

  10. I should win because my old phone is not working any more. I would like Gold 5s but any color would be good :) Hope I win

  11. I think I should win because my phone is older and keeps turning off randomly and won’t keep a charge. My favorite color option is silver. I love that color!

  12. I think I should win a iPhone 5 because I have never had a iPhone, right now I use a Tracfone so I could really use a real phone.

  13. I would like to win this because I would love a new phone and especially one so high tech. I would love the gold one.

  14. I should win because i really could use a upgraded phone and the 5S looks awesome! I love all the colors but i like the silver the best.

  15. I would love to win because i cant afford to buy one on my own. i would be so grateful if i can win. and i would choose the dark silver color one. thanks for the chance.

  16. I think I should win bc I have.a crappy phone and my parents will not help me buy one. I am an iphone fixer and I don’t have one that is somewhat ironic. I really hope I win. Thank u. OMAR ABBAS twitter @omarkabbas97. I already went through the one entry thx again

  17. I should win this because I am a single mom who needs a phone to stay in touch with her teenage daughter. I would love the space gray.

  18. My phone is an android and its driving me crazy my whole family on both sides have iphones and im just dying to have one myself I love the dark silver!

  19. I would like to win the phone because My phone is not working and I plan to start a new job soon. So I will need a phone to make sure my daughter is ok at daycar

  20. I would love to win the new iphone 5s because i have a really slow phone right now and the gold is beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I want to win this so badly! I’ve never been able to afford an iPhone but my mouth waters every time I walk into the Apple store lol!

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