Half of existing iPhone users will immediately upgrade to iPhone 5S

A study has shown, that over 46% of over 4.000 iPhone users will immediately upgrade to the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C when it comes out, a survey done by Ask.com shows. Most of the people immediately want to upgrade to a iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, and over 60% are choosing for the high-end and more expensive model the iPhone 5S.

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According to the survey, the feature people are looking forward most is a improved battery life (40%), finger print unlocking (34%) and only 12% want the option to choose color. The current iPhone 5 only has 10 hours of battery which clearly most users don’t think is enough. It is also interesting to see that the finger print scanner feature is really something people are looking forward to. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are expected to be revealed at the September 10 Keynote and expected to be in-stores on September 20

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