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8 of the Best Start Ups of 2019

Everyone has their own list of what they think are the year’s best start-ups but we have put together a list of those new enterprises that are given the best reviews by the highest percentage of people monitoring the start up world. 

As we look at the list, we notice that there are big changes in the work world today.  Many of the start ups, including the Intertops casino no deposit bonus casino, aren’t looking for a college degree when hiring new employees. There are new industries emerging and others are growing.

Some of the top start ups of 2019 include: 


Snowflake is a cloud-based data-warehousing startup that offers cloud-based data storage and analytics. It’s called “data warehouse-as-a-service”. Corporate users can store and analyze data using cloud-based software and hardware. It’s accessible on Amazon and Microsoft Azure and will  and will launch on Google Cloud Platform in 2019. Customers can use the Data Exchange to discover, exchange and share data in a secure environment. 


Nuro is a young start-up which officially launched its first product, the R1 in 2018. The R1 is a self-driving local commerce delivery vehicle that runs on electricity. It’s designed to carry only cargo and is presently being tested by its first client, Kroger, which will use it to deliver groceries. Domino’s also plans to launch the service later this year for pizza deliveries. 


Samsara leads in Industrial IoT as it aims to increase the efficiency,  sustainability and safety of operations that power our economy. Samsara’s “Internet of Things” (“IoT”) solutions combine software, hardware and cloud to bring real-time AI, analytics, and visibility to a wide range of operations.

The system can be used for various industries including both large companies and small firms.  Currently, Samsara is currently being utilized by companies in fields of transportation,logistics, food production, field services, manufacturing, energy and construction. A number of local governments are also Samsara clients. 

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Restaurants try to organize delivery services but making sure that meals are properly delivered to the person who ordered can be tricky.  Now DoorDash takes care of making sure that meals from your favorite restaurants are delivered right to your doorstep with one click.

The On Demand logistics acts as an intermediary between customers and merchants, ensuring that meals are brought right to the customer’s doorstep.  DoorDash was designed to serve the needs of restaurants and users alike. 


Brex is the newest service that enables ecommerce entrepreneurs to access short-term financing for their business launch. Brex Ecommerce Credit Card was designed to help merchants make their cash flow management more manageable while they pay their bills in a timely manner.

The Brex card comes with a 60-day interest free credit limit. It’s a charge card for startups that, instead of allowing the card holder to carry a balance and get charged interest on the amount not paid each month, requires that the card holder pay off the balance in full every month.  

There are a number of options for redeeming rewards points — through cash back or for travel through Brex Travel. Brex partners with seven different airlines for transfers to give maximum flexibility.  

Peloton Interactive

Peloton is an American media and exercise equipment company that produces a luxury stationary bicycle that allows users to stream spinning classes in the company’s fitness studio on a touchscreen. The bicycle’s cleats lock onto the pedals for a good workout. New classes are recorded daily and streamed live from the Peloton cycling studio in Manhattan. 

All of the classes are uploaded to the library where users can access them 24/7. The studio is open to the public and daily walk-in style classes are held with no requirement for payment.  Classes include sessions focusing on traditional cycling, running (both treadmill and outdoor), yoga, and meditation.


Compass has built a  modern real estate platform that pairs technology with the industry’s top talent to make the search and sell experience seamless and intelligent.

Compass aims to empower agents so they have maximum time for advising their clients. The company pairs the sophistication of a luxury brand with the solutions-driven mindset of a startup to lead the way in the future of real estate. Compass wants to change how agents and clients navigate the process of finding or selling a home. 


The emergence of Dosist as one of 2019’s best start ups testifies to the importance that the cannabis industry enjoys today around the world.  The goal of Dosist is to create cannabis products based on the science behind the cannabis plant. For many years, scientists have known that cannabis provides a number of functional benefits — sleep aid, euphoria, energy, pain relief and relaxation. Use of cannabis can increase sensuality and heighten a user’s sexual experience. 

Dosist comes as a pre-filled dose pen of over 200 doses (2.25mg per dose). Use of the pen ensures that the user gets a precise dose every time. Doses are administered by inhaling from the Dose pen.