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6 Ways EReaders Reinvented Travel

  Love to travel? Always have been—and always will be—under the spell of new places and exotic cities? Forever in love with discovering different cultures, meeting new people and seeing the world? A willing slave to that ever-present wanderlust?   EReaders and Travellers: a Winning Combo While travel is often one of the most wonderful and unforgettable experiences in life, it’s not really all that convenient and suitable for someone who loves books—and who loves them a lot. Book lovers are so notorious for lugging around homes that could seriously double as arm weights and back-breaking luggage full of books that up until a few years ago, travel often meant:

  • You either leave all your books or suffer through the knowledge that you miss them, that your afternoons spent by the pool would’ve gone much better if you’ve only had the perfect book on hand.
  • Or you bring the books and suffer through the inconvenience and hassle of carting around that heap. That and you also had to deal with cramped shoulders and muscles as a result of all that heavy lifting.

That is, until eReaders came to the rescue. With readers, book lovers could now enjoy travel in a completely different way. From articles on Huffington Post, Bustle and Wise Ink Blog, here are some of the best ways EReaders reinvented travel for book lovers:

  • Packing light was no longer impossible. No need to pack your beloved Harry Potter collection or that bulky mystery thriller on your latest jaunt through the temples of Siem Reap in Cambodia or your backpacking trip in Europe. You won’t have to bring luggage that looks like it weighs a ton (because it weighs a ton) or have to put your guy or partner through the sheer torture of carrying enough weight to sink the Titanic.


  • You now have more space. Remember those days when you couldn’t find any space to fit that extra pair of shoes or salt and pepper shakers for your friends? That’s because you had to bring your entire Stephen King collection back home since you lugged them with you in the first place. With eReaders though, that’s no longer a problem. Your things won’t have to fight over space in your luggage so can definitely bring home the next set of salt and pepper shakers you find. Also, with eReaders like the NOOK Tablet from Barnes & Noble’s very own Nook brand, you could have all the books you want in a thin device that hardly takes up any space at all. If that’s not magic, you don’t know what is.


  • Waiting times are more bearable. Travelling means trains and flights often get delayed. That leaves you stranded, somewhere, at the mercy of the ticking clock, waiting until it’s finally time to board the plane or bus to your hotel. In those times, a book offers the perfect way to distract you from the fact that you haven’t slept for 24 hours, your eyes are gritty and—if you’re travelling with kids—that Captain America’s shield is still tangled in your hair. When you have a great eBook and eReader to sink into, the waiting just passes by in a blink.


  • You’ve got privacy. Settling into your eReader for the long flight ahead? You’re not ashamed of your reading material. Nope. But you really don’t want anybody else seeing them too. That used to be a problem with books. You had to go to the trouble of having to wrap them up so no one else could tell you were reading about serial killers or romance novels with the Fabio covers. With eReaders though, you can rest easy knowing people can’t see what you’re reading. That also saves you from the dreadful: “how did you find the book?” question. Ever wander around with Jorie Graham’s poetry and complete strangers just come up to you and give their opinion of a certain piece or work? Worry no more about being ambushed again with eReaders.


  • Your library is portable. You can bring all the books you love to anywhere you want. No need to agonize over the thought of having to leave your books or worry that you might not have enough—or that you didn’t bring the right ones—on the trip. You can bring an entire library with you, enjoy the books you love and still be able to move around conveniently and easily enough.


  • You can buy books instantly. With eReaders, you only need to connect to the Internet to grab the latest finds from your favorite authors or the newest best-sellers for that week. And you can do all that while you sit in the shade beside the pool and take a sip of your mai tai drink. No need to walk into the bookstore to find what you need. As soon as you click on “buy,” it’s yours and in a few minutes, you’re already on your way to a new adventure.