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5 Secret Hidden Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

The Apple Watch was sold out in less then 10 minutes after it became available for pre-order. While many users have already received theirs and have been using it for some time now, the Apple Watch has some hidden Apple Watch tips and tricks that every user should know about. Bellow is a list of 5 hidden Apple Watch tips and tricks every Apple Watch user should know.

Secret Hidden Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

1. Double tap the Crown to Switch between apps 

Switching between apps can be a problem and slow process. Apple has created a small shortcut that allows you to simply move between apps that can be accessed by double tapping the crown. If you then double the crown again, it will take you back to the last thing you were doing. This feature can be handy, specially when using multiple apps very frequently.

2. Using Siri to launch apps

While the usual method to open apps is to tap on their icon, it might be a problem finding the right app for you, specially since the icons are so small. An alternative method that you can use to find and open apps is using Siri, which can be launched by either saying “Hey Siri” or holding down the Digital Crown, here are some examples:

  • Hey Siri, open the weather app
  • Siri, launch Twitter
  • Siri Open Music
  • Hey siri, Launch Messages

3. Send notifications to your iPhone

Notifications to iPhone Apple Watch

Apple Watch is made to easily view notifications but it isn’t always the right device to reply to them or have a better look at the content send to you. You can simply make the notification appear on your iPhone by swiping on the watch face, this will make a small icon appear on your iPhone’s lock screen from which the notification can be accessed and app opened on your iPhone.

4. Airplay to your Apple TV or iPhone 

You can use the Apple Watch to stream media right to your Apple TV or iPhone.  Using Force Touching while playing a song in the music app on your Apple Watch, you can Airplay your music to a variety of devices. This Airplay option isn’t available from any other screen in the Music app except for the song-playing screen.

5. How to take a screenshot Apple Watch

Our last Apple Watch tips and tricks is on how to make a screenshot. You might have seen many of them the past few days, but many users still don’t know how to take a screenshot. The method is very similar to how it is on iPhone, but with the buttons available on the Apple Watch as seen on the image bellow (the Crown and the button bellow it)