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7 Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Sales for Mobile Users

Most of the internet users access it via their mobile devices. That is why many e-Commerce sites have developed mobile-friendly platforms. Developing a mobile-friendly website is one thing, and improving the sales on that site is something totally different. With the increasing growth of m-commerce, businesses are struggling to keep their stores optimized for mobile users. Here are some tips to help you increase your e-commerce sales for the mobile users.

1. Design user-friendly pages

The first thing any web developer must keep in mind is to design the site for the user. If the website is clean and functional enough, it will allow the user to shop with ease. When developing the mobile-friendly e-commerce site, you should keep the textual content short and to the point. The user should read and easily understand what you are communicating without having to read through a long article. The navigation should also be easy and swift for the user.


2. Develop fast loading pages

This is another aspect that discourages users from visiting specific websites. Usually, the mobile shoppers will be impatient, and they will only want to visit a particular online shop and purchase their item with ease. They will not be ready to wait for the pages to load. The solution to this is to develop fast loading pages that will allow the user to shop without having to spend too much time. To deal with this, you should limit the large graphics that take a lot of time to load. Make the page simple enough to increase the loading times.

3. Create a precise and compelling homepage 

Before a visitor shops on your e-commerce store, they will want to know who you are. Since the homepage is the first page the visitors will possibly land on, always ensure that it is well-developed. The visitor must know who you are, and they should also know what you are selling within a few seconds. All this info should be easily visible by the visitor upon landing on your homepage. Ideally, add a call to action on the homepage, which will keep the user on your site and make them want to shop.


4. Keep the basic menus on the screen

The aim is to make the e-commerce store useful to the visitor, so you should try to keep the navigation tabs on the screen. You will be developing a mobile-friendly e-commerce store, so put all the relevant menus on the screen. Some of the suggested on-screen menus include the search button. Even when the visitor scrolls through the page, these menus should be on the screen throughout.

5. Increase the checkout

A lot of online shoppers have complained about the mobile checkout on the e-commerce stores. When one needs to purchase a particular product on an online shop, they will be required to fill out the payment info. Mobile checkout is a common obstacle to many online shoppers. One way of solving this is by retrieving the payment information from a specific mobile wallet. Here, the visitor will shop with ease, without the need to feel every blank box. As you develop the mobile checkout of your site, test it and improve it as much as you can to make it precise.

6. Simplify the product categories

Each online shop will have a range of products that are classified in different categories. Always ensure that the product category is simple enough. Also, the user should filter and sort through the products with ease. The visitor should be able to list down all products in terms of the price, popularity, or the most recent ones. When the filters are easy to use, it simplifies the customer’s shopping experience. This way, the shopper will find the specific product quickly.

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7. Reliable user support

Even when the mobile e-commerce site is clean, simple, and easy to use, it must have a reliable customer support. The user must be able to reach you and get the necessary help whenever they have an issue. The chat service should be available at all times, and the user should reach you on the phone easily. It’s also a good practice to redirect the customers to forums or review sites when clients do need to know more about the products. For example, many e-cig stores refer to IEC for authentic reviews about e-cigs, and liquids. This way, they will get the needed help, and it will increase the customer satisfaction.

As you plan to increase the sales on your mobile e-commerce site, ensure that you maintain a consistent theme and quality experience across all the pages and channels. Just because one page receives fewer visitors doesn’t mean that it should have a different theme and experience from other pages. Always aim at meeting the customers’ satisfaction at all times. After the visitor is done with purchasing the particular item, let them know that it was successful via a designated feedback report.

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