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5 Reasons Why a Direct Mail Campaign Will Connect You to Customers (And Why Direct Mail Isn’t Dead)

The days of the physical post are long gone. Snail mail is dead. These are statements that many Millenials are likely to make when thinking about direct mail. Yet the numbers tell a different story. Most people, including those in their twenties to mid-thirties, prefer receiving physical mail to digital.

Yes, we may be living in a digital age, and yes the trends may all be pointing towards social media marketing dominance, but there is still a time and a place for a more traditional approach.

Keep reading for five key reasons why you should still invest in a physical mail campaign.

1. A Direct Mail Campaign is More Trusted

We all know about spam and phishing emails. They have made us all much more skeptical of emails that are not from friends or family. To that end, people are more trusting of advertising they receive through the mail. This means a higher chance of audience engagement.

2. Allows for Truly Creative Marketing Efforts

Yes, you can do a lot with emails, but nothing gives you the truly creative freedom as a physical mail campaign. You can think outside the box with your direct mail marketing ideas to come up with memorable marketing designs that will bring in new business.

3. Higher Responses and Read Rates

5 Reasons Why a Direct Mail Campaign Will Connect You to Customers (And Why Direct Mail Isn't Dead) - 1

Because people are more trusting of direct mail, they are also more likely to read and share the information they get via direct mail.

From direct mail postcards to folders and even newspapers, when you know that your advertising efforts are being delivered, rather than rerouted into a junk folder by the digital gods, then you have the peace of mind in knowing you have done your best.

4. Reach All Different Demographic Groups

What is direct mail marketing? It is a means by which you can reach out to all demographics, not just those who use social media. From house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, you can find potential customers wherever they may be.

If your target audience doesn’t have a huge presence online then direct mail can help you reach out to them.

5. It Sticks in People Minds

When thinking about how effective direct mail can be it is important to understand that it has a greater chance to stick in someone’s mind over a digital approach.

We don’t absorb digitally provided information to the same level as physical. It takes less effort to scan digital media, and therefore it is less likely to get stored in the useful part of our memory, making a direct mail campaign the best approach.

An Effective Mail Campaign is Best For Business

If you are interested in growing your business and drawing in new customers, then a direct mail campaign is a great way to start.

However, while physical is still effective, it doesn’t mean it should solely be used at the expense of digital. A combination is what is required if you want to thrive.

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