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5 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

Does your hiring process seem overwhelmingly stressful? Or perhaps like it has room for improvement? You’re not alone. Small business owners in particular have so much on their plate at one given time, it’s common for them to cut corners and speed things along wherever possible.

Unfortunately, cutting corners and overlooking critical elements of the hiring process can cost much more than time. The wrong or rushed hire can lead to a whirlwind of consequences, including the ultimate demise of your fledgling company.

If you’re accepting tips on how to improve your hiring process, here are five ways you can do so.

  1. Improve Your Job Description

Take a look at your current job description; does it focus on what you expect from your candidate, or on what you can do for them? If it’s the former Demands-Abilities approach, it might need some revision. Job descriptions that focus on your company’s unique perks are more likely to attract the best talent, so go beyond basic lists of responsibilities and requirements. You do want to include important information such as everyday tasks your candidate can expect to perform if hired; this will better ensure that they’re not only qualified, but also capable and interested in the role you’re hiring for, thus preventing employee turnover.

Your job description is most likely your first impression, so make it count! It should be as informative and comprehensive as possible, without being overwhelmingly long and detailed.

  1. Build a Stronger Company Culture

You might have a killer job description, but if it lacks your employer brand or company culture, you might not achieve your desired response rate. Embrace digital trends and get on social media to make yourself recognizable and relatable. Update your company profile regularly, share snippets about your company’s culture, and post pictures of your positive work environment. If your small business has a strong identity, you won’t have to do as much active recruiting; you’ll be a highly-desired organization flooding with applicants.

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Reviews

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Managing your brand and building your culture depends largely on responding to your online reviews. Show customer concern and reply with condolences to any negative feedback, including an offer to remedy the situation. Potential employees will frequently search for insider information about companies they’re considering working for, including salary estimates, interview tips, and employee reviews on sites such as Glassdoor. According to its data, 46% of Glassdoor members read company reviews before even responding to recruiters, so don’t let this priority fall to the wayside. Do your best to maintain a positive reputation.


  1. Be Competitive

If talent is tough to come by in your field, you might need to get more competitive. What makes you better to work for than that other guy? Here are some perks and benefits you can consider offering that can put your company a head above the rest:

  • 401(k) or retirement plans
  • Medical, vision, and/or dental insurance
  • Paid time off and sick leave
  • Rewards and bonuses
  • Childcare or tuition reimbursement
  • The option to work remotely
  • Sponsored company lunches and events
  • Pet-friendly environment

If you can’t yet offer top-tier salaries that compete with the large corporations in your field, consider what else you can offer. You might be surprised by how much it makes you stand out and the sway it can have over other decision-making factors.

  1. Conduct Background Checks

After implementing the previous four tips, you’ll more than likely have tons of applicants rolling in. Filtering through emails, cover letters, and resumes can be extremely tedious and time-extensive, but it shouldn’t be rushed. Keep in mind that you can’t assume that everything reported on a candidate’s resume is actually factual, and many job applicants have been caught lying or fluffing up their education and/or experience. Some employers don’t know how to verify employment history, and therefore don’t take the time to seek out the information necessary to move forward on a new hire with confidence. In turn, they can wind up offering a job to someone completely unqualified or, worse yet, someone with a criminal background in their history. It’s easy to get an employment background check with ShareAble for Hires, so if you’re not already checking references and conducting background checks, it’s time to start implementing this into your interviewing process.

Hiring can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Use these five tips to improve your process, hire the right people, and set your small business up for smooth sailing.