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5 Best Windows 8 Themes and How to install them

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s most advanced operating system yet, combining tablet and desktop interfaces in a polarizing but still very useful arrangement. While you can easily change the color of the start screen and the wallpaper with the default device settings, some people desire a more cohesive approach to theming their device. Microsoft, as with Windows 7, offers a library of themes ranging from photos of natural landscapes in Sri Lanka to pictures of fire to cityscapes of New York City. Each of these themes will tweak the color palette of the operating system as a whole in addition to offering several wallpapers that will automatically change throughout the day.

How do i install a theme on Windows 8? To install one of the themes simply:

  1. navigate to
  2. select a theme to install
  3. Click on the “Download” button
  4. follow the prompts to execute
  5. install the theme.

Here are some of the best looking Windows 8 themes we highly recommend you check out

Beauty of Hong Kong theme

Featuring photos from photographer Wilson Au, this set captures different aspects of this beautiful city and transports them to your desktop. You can download the theme here

Best of Bing 2013 theme

While Google still commands the lion share of the search market, one thing Bing has always had a knack for is selecting beautiful images to display on their homepage. This aesthetic is one of the major draws of Microsoft’s entry in the search wars, and this theme takes some of the best Bing homepage images from last year and puts them on your desktop. You can download the theme here

Aqua 2 theme

This theme captures a range of beautiful water settings, from rivers to oceans, and brings their tranquility to your desktop. You can download the theme Here

Fire theme

Photographer Marc Schroeder’s set of images captures the warmth of the fire in a set of vivid orange and red pictures perfectly composed for a desktop. You can Download the theme here

New York Cityscapes theme

Johnny W. Lam walked the streets of New York City to capture this series of images depicting the essence of this center of global commerce. Feel the excitement and productivity of this great city on your desktop with this theme.  You can download the theme here