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How to update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

Microsoft recently announced Windows 8.1 in which it has made many modification and improvements on how the operation system is being used with a mice and keyboard, adding the start menu again and much more. But how do i upgrade to Windows 8.1 if i am using Windows 8? First lets get some basic frequently asked questions resolved

  • How much does the update cost? Windows 8.1 is free if you are using Windows 8
  • Will i lose my files, pictures, videos etc. if i update? No
  • Will all of my apps still work? Most of them will, however, if you are unsure you can check the software page on the Windows App Store to see if that specific app supports Windows 8.1
  • How much GB does the update take? Approximately 3.6GB
  • How long does it take to download? It highly depends on your internet speed and when you are downloading it, the average is between 15 and 30 minutes.

Ok, lets get to the updating process. With Windows 8 it is much easier to update then it was with Windows 7 as you don’t need to format your hard drive or even stop using your computer during the time as the upgrade is downloaded and installed on the background. Make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Open up the “Store” from the Metro start screen
  2. One of the main tabs will show a Windows 8.1 logo. Cant see it? Navigate here and click “Upgrade Now”
  3. Click on the tile that shows the “Update to windows 8.1” message and press “Download”
  4. The Downloading and installation process will start, it will begin downloading the update and then later installing it. Wait for it to be done and make sure to not turn off your computer or internet connection.
  5. Once it is done it will ask you to restart, press the “Restart now” button.
  6. Wait for it to boot up again and voila!