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2022’s Breakthrough Apps

Every year seems to provide yet more startling apps that are able to inform, entertain and amuse us in evermore fascinating ways. And 2022 certainly looks to be no different as there’s an amazing range of apps that have caught the world’s attention by providing easy ways to play casino games, keep fit and even give ourselves a great new look.

Selfies are now a massive part of modern culture, but if you’re looking to make sure that your snap captures your true essence then the Facetune app is the selfie app for you. The portrait editing app can subtly remove any unsightly blemishes and it also includes lots of funny filters that can provide many hours of amusement!

Another big hit in the smartphone photography realm is the Afterlight app. This is great for anybody who wants to take their Instagram skills to the next level as it has 74 unique filters that can be used to great artistic effect, plus their massive selection of frames and natural textures can transform even the most dismal landscape into an exotic wonderland!


But it’s not just photography that’s benefited from smartphone technology as there’s no end to the mobile gaming fun that can be had on your handheld device. One of the biggest hits in 2016 so far has to be the strategy game Plague Inc. which gives you the task of trying to infect planet Earth with a series of horrendous viruses and diseases that’ll certainly help ensure you keep your personal hygiene habits maximized!

Even traditional games like roulette, blackjack, and slots have been given a great new update from Coral as this selection of games show how far things have come as they can all be quickly downloaded to your device so that you can pick up some big winnings from the comfort of your sofa.


Of course, there comes a time when we have to leave the sofa. And thankfully there are some great apps out there that can help us keep fit with the likes of the 7 Minute Workout Challenge giving even the most ardent couch potato a relatively easy way to stay in shape thanks to the critically-acclaimed fitness app.

And finally, we couldn’t resist a quick mention of emojis that have continued their relentless assault on our mobile devices with famous celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Kim Jong-un all getting in on the smartphone fun!

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