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EveryMatrix, Making eSports Betting Available to Everyone

Action-packed and formidable graphics are just two of the reasons why eSports has grown more than any other sport within the last decade. eSports events now host major tournaments with cash prizes well into 8 figures. 

The eSport industry is vast, with a heavy interest in a variety of games like DOTA, Fifa, Fortnite, and League of Legends – it is an industry that can be extremely lucrative for any betting operator that is willing to offer a healthy amount of coverage.  

EveryMatrix has an eSports betting service that is capable of capturing a huge amount of eSports betting fans.

How Popular Is eSports Betting?

In the early days, it would have been fair to say that eSports betting was a rare opportunity. There are possibly several reasons for this, but the main reason would be a generational divide of opinion. eSports is comparatively new compared to all other sports, and so the generation who were legally allowed to gamble (when its popularity first began) were not very convinced, however, 10 years on and those who were fans, are now legally allowed to bet – this renders a wonderful opportunity for sports betting operators. In fact, such is the popularity of esports, it is set to become a full medal sport at the 2022 Asian Games!

Data shows that, when you compare eSports betting from the start of the covid-19 pandemic to today, the number is 7 times higher today than before. That tells us the huge growth potential within the industry and it is very easy to believe when you consider that the USA is predicting that eSports will have 84 million viewers by the end of this year.

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Where to Enjoy eSports Betting

Due to the popularity of eSports, it is now one of the hundreds of markets you can wager on at the best online bookmakers. The great thing about sports betting sites is that you can sign up and get free spins with no deposit bonuses. This means you do not have to deposit any cash but can still get rewarded. To find the best free bet no deposit offers 2021, check here where you will find free sports betting no deposit offers!

Because no deposit is required, you can get some real value – especially if you win. Whether you bet on Fortnite, DOTA, or any other popular eSports title, you will find some fantastic bonus deals such as low deposit offers, enhanced odds, and even some free bets!

A Solution to All Betting Needs

EveryMatrix is a sports betting service that can offer an eSports aggregation to Sports Bookmakers and Casinos. The OddsMatrix product is an eSports betting software that provides an operator for all of their eSports betting needs. They have a portfolio of over 25 games including all of the big titles like Warcraft, NBA 2K, DOTA 2, and Call of Duty. The OddsMatrix covers an enormous number of events, with over 50,000 live events every month and coverage of over 270 eSports tournaments per year. All of this combined with over 95 betting options is sure to keep the punters entertained for hours every day. 

The Future of eSports Betting

We have looked briefly into the growth numbers that eSports has had over the past decade, but what about the next decade? And the one after that? Clearly, there is a transition taking place in culture. Technological developments are offering players consistent updates and improvements. This would suggest that the industry is only going to grow and that can mean big things for the betting world. The massive amounts of money we can see being won will only attract more and more players, and the more players, the more the prizes will increase. eSports has a very healthy future and right now presents a great opportunity to get into the market early and capitalize on it before it gets swallowed up by other takers.