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Don’t let Coronavirus Scare You From SEO

During this difficult time you might think about scaling back on some things, but don’t quit your current SEO plan! Your brand needs to stay present and relevant during a pandemic. If you aren’t moving ahead, you are falling behind, especially in a competitive market. Just like you need to keep up with caring for yourself with a self-care guide, you need to give the same care to your SEO!

Plan Smart

Since more people might be browsing online and seeing what you are putting out there, be smart when it comes to your SEO. Don’t be afraid to market, but also don’t exploit fear.

Yes, we understand that your business might be struggling, but any Phoenix SEO expert you talk to will tell you to keep calm and keep on with your SEO and marketing plan.

Beating the Odds

Organic traffic might appear to be down across the board. Of course, some industries are seeing go up, like the media or financial industry. But overall, there have been some drops across when it comes to organic traffic. But don’t let that discourage you.

You may have also noticed that some conversions have declined. This seems to be the case because most people are turning to social media for their news and information, not so much to shop for.

But you can still focus on areas where you are still seeing growth. Even if these numbers seem discouraging, you need to continue to make an impact so that you won’t lose your customers when things return back to normal. You have already worked so hard to build your customer base, so don’t lose it now.

Things to Keep in Mind

During this time, you might even want to consider doubling down on marketing. No matter what, continue to optimize and don’t shut down marketing operations, even though you may need to scale back a little depending on your current budget situation. Of course, this is a logical decision at this time.

Start by auditing your content assets. Look at your website pages, emails, blogs, social media content, newsletters, webinars, etc. Which ones are you doing best at? Which ones do you need to improve on? Make sure to use your tight budget wisely with this data in mind.

Your brand can also stay connected and present with videos and social media content. Also, webinars are good during a time like this.

At the end of the day, make sure you are budgeting wisely during this tough and uncertain time. But remember to continue with your SEO and marketing plan to stay relevant to your customers.