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10 beautiful 5K Retina iMac Wallpapers

Apple recently introduced the new 5K retina iMac, the new device features a resolution of 5120 x 2880 making it the desktop computer with the highest resolution in the world. This also creates a problem: The resolution is so high that even the best pictures will not look very sharp, this is specially an issue if you want to get a cool Wallpaper or new background that isn’t among the Stock Apple wallpapers.

10 Awesome and Beautiful 5K retina iMac Wallpapers/Backgrounds

1. Waves (download)

5K Retina iMac Wave Wallpaper

2. Forest (Download)

Forest iMac 5K Wallpaper

3. Mavericks (Download)

Mavericks 5K iMac Retina wallpaper

4. X from OSX (Download)

OSX 5K Retina iMac wallpaper

5. South Sunset Bay (Download)

Bay 5K retina imac wallpaper

6. Iron Man (Download)

iron man 5k retina wallpaper

7. itsukushima shurine (Download)

ITSUKSIMA SHRINE 5k retina wallpaper imac

8. calm sea (Download)

Calm sea 5K wallpaper

9. Minimalistic (Download)

Abstract minimalistic 5K wallpaper

10.  Red, Yellow and Green buttons (Download)

Buttons 5k wallpaper