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Future web design trends

It’s amazing how fast technology advances. What looks great today looks out of date tomorrow so it’s always important to stay ahead of the trends or at least keep up with them! It’s even more important to stay ahead of the curve when you’re in a fast-moving industry so making sure your website is up to date and setting trends instead of following them will give you a massive head start over the competition. I spoke with David Newman from web design experts based in Herts, who filled us in on how they see the web design trends taking shape over the coming years and here is some of the information they presented to me. Take note of these 3 future design trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Scroll instead of click


Without a doubt, the internet user of 2015 much prefers to scroll instead of click. Many computer mice have wheels these days and any touchscreen device is able to scroll far easier than clicking. This means that website have to be built with that in mind. Having a website that has more information on a page that’s accessible via scrolling rather than clicking speeds up the users experience and in this fast day and age, speed and efficiency is vital.

RIP Pixels


Remember when you used to zoom in on a picture and all the pixels were boxed off and were the size of a small size swimming pool? Luckily tomorrow’s generation will probably never have to have that experience because vector images will be replacing bitmap’s soon which will basically enable any icons and pictures to be completely clear no matter how far you are zoomed in. The same goes with high definition fonts.

Animate this animate that

Animate this

In the past years of web design, animations were the big thing and a website with the most elaborate and most expensive animations were the most forward thinking. As with move forward to the present day, animations are limited but expect them to be coming back in the next few years, except instead of having the animations as seperaty entities, and expect them to be involve the whole website. With the rise of responsive web design and other fluid grid moving design, websites that use this sort of animation will be able to put more information on the webpage without cluttering the design.