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Is the average Uber driver Salary really $90.000 a year?

You might have heard of Uber (a car service that allows you to request private drivers using their smartphone app) and how a New York Uber driver is making $90.000 a year. This sounds very interesting, imagine your self driving around people all day and making $90.000 a year, who wouldn’t want that?

Keeping in mind the average Taxi driver salary is just $30.000 a year, making the triple while not having a boss, Several people have complained about this article claiming it is a way for Uber to get new drivers and market their app, but how much do Uber drivers really make? According to BI which have interviewed different drivers

The max that I’ve made on an hourly basis is about $45 to $55 an hour while the average is just $27 an hour

This means that if the Dallas based driver works 40 hours a week he would make $56,000 a year. Keep in mind that drivers don’t have clients every hour and this salary doesn’t include fuel cost and car maintenance. Uber claims drivers should make approximately $60.000 a year with their app.

Uber driver

If we also calculate the fuel price, maintenance and other additional costs he might have, the driver would only make $36,988 driving 40 hours a week keeping in mind that the average utilization per hour is roughly 44%

“I don’t think there’s an increase in demand,” that Dallas-based UberX driver says. “They’re doing price cuts because they’ve over-supplied the drivers. Because there are too many drivers on the road, Uber needs to lower pricing.”

But, these drivers aren’t based in New York, in one of the most popular cities in the world you would expect a driver to make a little more, right? Well, after interviewing several other drivers in New York a driver that has been doing it for 11 moths doesn’t expect to make more then $50.000 this year.