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Yahoo Weather app on iOS Easter egg

We all love Easter eggs, right? Yahoo has put a little easter egg into its Yahoo Weather app on iOS. The guys over at TNW spotted a little yeti (or polar bear) walking around the bottom of the screen. If you add any city to Yahoo Weather app where it is currently snowing, a little truck will appear clearing the snow from the bottom of the screen. But it appears like there is an angry yeti following him. Here is how you can see it with your own eyes:

  1. Go to a location where it is currently snowing
  2. shake your phone like a snow globe, the more you shake the more snow appears
  3. after a little while a truck will appear on the bottom of your screen clearing out the snow
  4. (it might not come at the first try, you might have to shake it and let the truck clear the snow several times) but eventually a yeti/polar bear will appear.

The guys over at TNW also shared this funny statement we thought we would also like to add

A word of caution: if you’re going to shake your phone, be careful not to let go of it. While an easter egg of this is fun to experience, it’s not worth you destroying your iOS device.

Here are some images of the truck and the yeti

Yahoo weather easter egg


Here is a closer look at the Yeti

yahoo weather christmas easter egg