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Yahoo CEO gives employees Up fitness band

Marissa Mayer, currently CEO of Yahoo has given all of its 11,000 employees a Up Fitness band. These wrist bands will track movement, sleep patterns etc. and allow you to analyse them on the Up  fitness band App, of which the data you can then share with friends.

Marissa Mayer is well known for its generosity, also giving all employees of Yahoo free food and other “typical silicon valley luxuries” most companies have in the Valley but not Yahoo prior to Marissa Mayer joining the company. AllThingsD said it could be a gift to its employees for Marissa Mayer’s first year anniversary with the company, every Up Fitness band doesn’t come cheap, starting at $129,99. The reason she choose the Up Fitness band is because she recently joined the startup Jawbone which is the manufacturer of the band. Jawbone is also well known for the Jambox.