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Why It Makes Sense to Keep your Old Tech

We all have old tech gadgets sitting around gathering dust. In many cases, these items have not been used for years. Yet we do not want to throw them away because they were expensive when we bought them or because we have become attached to them.

Good for the environment

Not throwing these items away is good for the environment. Every year over 50 million tonnes of electronics end up in landfill. The plastic alone is a concern because it takes hundreds of years to break down. Even when plastic breaks down it is not good for the environment.

In addition, many modern electronics contain heavy metals and other elements that are highly toxic once they start to degrade. The more laptops, phones, MP3 players and tablets you can keep out of landfill the better it is for everyone.

Old tech can be repurposed

The other reason to keep your tech out of the bin is that most of the time you can reuse it. Old MP3 players make great music repositories for use in the car or on your bike. They are good storage and backup devices too.

Phones can be given to young relatives or friends who are on tight budgets. Using apps, you can take old smartphones and re-purpose them in a huge list of different ways.

Amongst my favourites are turning them into e-readers, baby monitors, surveillance cameras, digital photo frames, mantelpiece clocks and getting elderly relatives to take the plunge and learn how to use Skype and WhatsApp on them. When they realise they are using a gadget that you no longer need, or want, your elderly friends and relatives will no longer worry about breaking the phone or tablet. Lifting this fear is key to getting people who do not normally use tech gadgets.

Give them away

Even if you cannot find a use for your old laptops, phones and tablets the chances are someone else can. As well as friends and relatives, many charities will be glad to take this kind of kit off your hands. Many charities struggle to provide their workforce with the phones, PCs and tablets they need to do their jobs effectively.

Broken tech can often be fixed

Years ago, if something broke there was normally someone on the High Street that could fix it for you. Today, most of these repair shops have closed down, but fortunately, a new breed of repairers are emerging that offer their services online. They use couriers and the post to make their repair service available countrywide.

For example, the other day I found a firm that will fix Apple products.  This firm offers this service across the States, but they also sell the parts for those who are brave enough to attempt a DIY repair. Having tried and failed to get expensive phones and laptops back together properly I will be using their repair service to resurrect my old Apple gadgets. The chances are there is a similar firm available in your country.

Once your broken phones, laptops, iPads and iPods have been repaired, you can repurpose those too or use them to help someone else and do your part to protect the planet.