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A Protective Skin For Your iPhone 6s Plus

The way you go through cell phones, you can’t afford not to deck out your new iPhone 6s Plus with a protective covering. But you have to be careful with your decision. At present, the 6s Plus is technically a “phablet” – a mixture of both a phone and a tablet. While that particular title means it’s faster and more powerful than its predecessor, it also means it bigger. It’s already a bulk phone to carry in your hands. You don’t need anything that will pack on the pounds. For lightweight but hardworking protection, stick with iPhone 6s Plus skins.

The 5.5-inch display with full HD resolution and 401ppi pixel density, its 64-bit A9 chip, and the 12 megapixel camera comes at a cost, and it’s your 6s Plus’ waistline. Weighing in at 196 grams, its 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 millimetre body can be cumbersome to hold. On its own, it’s already a handful. Now imagine fitting a bulky case over your iPhone. You’ve got a brick that’s not only difficult to carry or to text with, it’s heavy!

If you have especially small hands or are just exceptionally clumsy, this is the recipe for disaster. All it takes is one fumble and you could be singing “Amazing Grace” while throwing out your 6s Plus. iPhone 6s Plus skins help you avoid such a tragedy. They’re sleek, weightless alternatives that beat out cases any day of the week. When you put one on, it barely adds millimetres to your 6s Plus dimensions. And because they’re made out of textured vinyl, you get a better grip, which means even if you are all thumbs when texting, you’ll have a better chance of keeping it in your hand. Though thin, by design they’re strong. Once you’ve applied an iPhone 6s Plus skin (as you would a sticker), your mobile’s protected from scratches, dents, and gouges. Its non-porous material even resists grime build-up and spills, so you iPhone stays clean and drink free wherever you go.

Aside from protecting your phone, it’s a stylish addition to the 6s Plus that frees it from the boring Apple design. As of right now, your phone is nearly indistinguishable to the 6 Plus, and both of these phones share the same design typical of every Apple phone. It can be a little depressing knowing you’re exactly like the 700 million other people who own an iPhone. iPhone 6s Plus skins let you break out of the status-quo and apply a little personality to your mobile. Skin providers have manipulated the vinyl in order to come out with some pretty amazing styles. Take a look at some of the options that are available. At, you can even see what your particular skin would look like on the 6s Plus, so you know exactly how the colour combination will fit.

Your phablet can’t go on for much longer unprotected. If it does, you’ll either drop it or scratch its casing. Before that happens, get your customized vinyl skin. While it can’t shed the pounds the 6s Plus has in abundace, it won’t do anything to add them!