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How to Make Sure You Have the Best Office Setup

Proper organization of workspace in the office motivates employees to perform better, allows people to fully realize their professional potential, and eliminates fatigue at the end of the day. Maintaining a comfortable office environment has a positive effect on both office workers and the company’s financial well-being. So let’s check the must-haves for the best office setup.

The Hardware Part

How to create a workable space that will be comfortable for everyone? After all, the criteria for assessing the level of convenience are different for everyone. Despite the obvious subjectivity in the business environment, there are some things that are important for all.

#1- Office Furniture

Furniture should be as comfortable as possible! This is especially true when it comes to the office chair. It is a place where office workers spend 8 hours a day. It is important that a comfortable office chair is adjustable so that you can adjust the backrest, tuck the armrests, and raise or lower the seat. The chair configuration should allow for such manipulations, so buying low-quality chairs is not worth it. The materials used in the manufacture of such furniture must be environmentally friendly and safe for the human body. What is more, it is better to give preference to ergonomic models of furniture.

#2 – Office Computer

Computers and laptops have long been an integral part of the workflow. They should be selected based on the tasks that you plan to delegate to your employees and do not require wearing computer glasses. If a company is involved in programming or design, then you need a powerful laptop that can withstand heavy programs and weighty files. PC components must also be of high quality.

#3 – Office Equipment

Office equipment should also be chosen based on the company’s needs and tasks. If you plan to photocopy, scan and send a fax, you should use an MFP (multifunctional device –

multi-function printer). If huge volumes of printing are expected, then it is necessary to use printers with a high operating speed. To avoid using long wires, make sure the printer has Wi-Fi. This will significantly simplify its “interaction” with a PC and increase the comfort of printing for office workers.

#4 – Recreation Spots

As a rule, office workers spend most of their time indoors, so it is important that the conditions are comfortable not only for work but also for recreation. Make sure your office has everything you need to do this – from the right equipment and a wi-fi spot to a coffee machine, kitchen utensils, and comfortable chairs.

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The Software Part

Your employees will hardly be able to do their work if they do not have all the task management tools and instruments at hand. What is more, it is also important to ensure data protection and smart information architecture.

#1 – Operating System

The operating system is the backbone of any computer. Without it, it is just a pile of iron. The same refers to office computers, which requires a source operating system:

  • Windows is the most common operating system installed in-office computers. It is distinguished by system simplicity and convenience. Windows is a stable operating system that can be installed on almost any equipment;
  • Linux is quite rarely used in offices, but some companies give preference to this OS. It has a good performance indicator and most often does not require licensing. The software product is distributed free of charge for individuals and legal entities. The disadvantage of Linux is the high cost of service associated with the need for high competencies of technical specialists

#2 – Antivirus Programs

The security and protection of information are important to the management of any company. A virus entering the office system can cause significant harm to the company. For example, it can lead to the inability to use software, damage or complete deletion of databases, and documents. Antivirus programs are used to reduce the risk of virus infection.

Norton, McAfee, Eset – these are some of the best antivirus software packages today, which act as reliable computer protection against most viruses and Internet threats. The solutions can be installed on various devices – from a computer to a mobile phone.

#3 – Firewalls

Another type of computer threat is hacker attacks. By being exposed to them, your mail may be blocked and you will not be able to send and receive mail. This is just one of the consequences of such an attack. Firewall programs are used to protect the office from hacker attacks. Thus, Bitdefender, Avast, ZoneAlarm serve to protect the system from hacker attacks. Among the advantages are ease of use, easy setup, and good protection.

#4 – Application Programs

The above system software is used for the health and protection of the computer. In order to perform activities, such as working with text and graphics; printing, scanning, etc., you should use application programs. Microsoft Office is a suite of programs for the daily use of an office worker. It is used to work with text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. The package may include the following programs:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint – for the work with presentations;
  • Microsoft Outlook – mail client and organizer;
  • Microsoft Excel – for the work with tables;
  • Microsoft Word – for the work with text.

#5 – Remote Control Programs

Program for remote access to computers is another handy solution that every office worker should have. Thanks to such a program, office administrators will be able to control your office computers and access a task manager on your PC from anywhere in the world.

#6 – Password Manager

This cross-platform program is convenient for saving passwords. Thanks to it, passwords will be stored on any cloud you specify – be it google drive, one drive, etc. That is, it does not matter from which PC you want to view any password, you can easily do it. It is very convenient to store all passwords for sites, email, servers in one place.

#7 – Graphics Editing Software

A photo editor will be useful to almost every organization because you can create any graphic designs there – be it a picture for a post on social networks, logos for documents, document layouts, etc.

#8 – Video Editing/Converting Software

It is also good to have a video editing solution in your office software pack. Such programs are especially handy for marketing specialists and content markers. Taking into account the popularity of video content, having a program that can change video resolution will help to create dynamic content suitable for any social media or blog platform.

Create a Comfortable Setting

No matter if you want to create a comfortable office setting for your employees or want to arrange your home office in the most effective way, you should definitely consider the above useful software. After all, your comfort will definitely impact your performance and the profitability of your business.