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What Is B2B E-Commerce And How Can Your Company Benefit From It?

All of us have heard of the concept of e-commerce before and it has been around for some time now but the other variant of e-commerce, called B2B e-commerce may, however, not be so familiar to all of us. B2B ecommerce platform or business to business e-commerce is the principle whereby business entities purchase goods and services from each other via e-commerce. The concept works more or less the same as it does for conventional business to customer e-commerce but there are a few key differences between the two models.

How Can You Use B2B E-Commerce In Your Business?

B2B e-commerce is a very powerful tool that makes it easier for businesses to trade with each other. The traditional method of calling sales representatives to place orders is slowly being replaced by online ordering systems and accounts. You can make it much easier for your business customers to interact with and purchase goods from your company by adding a B2B e-commerce platform to your website. In fact, recent research has shown that companies that offer a B2B e-commerce platform are much more likely to receive orders from new customers, for this reason alone, it is well worth investing in a B2B e-commerce platform that meets the needs of your business.

B2B e-commerce platforms are easy to use and can be added to almost any existing website with minimal effort and financial input. Platforms like Shopify offer dedicated service to B2B platform customers and can advise users on the best subscription plan for their individual needs. B2B e-commerce platforms can be used to manage stock across different locations and warehouses, orchestrate deliveries to customers and even process payments for orders. Most of the leading B2B e-commerce platforms allow businesses to completely automate their customer ordering experience which can lead to fewer errors and lower expenditure on wages.

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Are B2B E-Commerce Platforms Only Suitable For Very Large Businesses?

No, most B2B e-commerce platforms offer scalable applications that can grow with your business. If you happen to have a very large business, the same e-commerce platforms are available for use. Many of the platforms can integrate with third-party systems such as CRM systems and payment gateways to ensure constant updating of data across a variety of management tools. There are also b2b e-commerce platforms that have been designed especially for use in smaller companies and start-ups. These platforms offer competitive pricing schemes and are the ideal solution for young companies who want to invest in a scalable system that can grow when needed but doesn’t require large amounts of capital investment.

If you are already using a b2b e-commerce platform but would like to switch to a different platform you can, in most cases, export your data and create a new profile on a platform like Shopify within a few hours. With this flexibility and ease of use in mind, there is no need to delay getting your b2b portal up and running.