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Upcoming Software update should enhance Touch ID on iPhone 5S

Sources “familiar with the matter” have confirmed to Appleinsider  that Apple is working hard on bringing out a software update that will further enhance the fingerprint scanner or “Touch ID” that is featured on its flagship smartphone the iPhone 5S.

Touch ID got revealed during the Apple keynote that took place September last year, all though there have been little complaints overall about the accuracy of the fingerprint scanner, users have reported what is being called “AuthenTec Fade”.

touch id unlock gif

“The Fade” as its being called by AppleInsider is when users re-configure their fingerprint and will see the system return to its initial performance, after using a configured fingerprint for a longer period of time it seems to lose its accuracy and deny access to your iPhone more often. This update will also address the trick that users have been using in which they prevented this from happening and configured the same finger multiple times to make the Touch ID more accurate.

there are improvements the company can deliver in a software update that will improve users’ Touch ID experience.

Sources have been unable to confirm if this software update will be included in Apple’s upcoming iOS 7.1 update or if it will be released in later versions